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Michael Cardew & Winchcombe Pottery (1926-39 ) - £25.00

The revival and day to day workings of Winchcombe Pottery in the inter-war years. Featuring a comprehensive selection of archive photographs and drawings.

Michael Cardew and Stoneware - £25.00

The story of Cardew’s career after Winchcombe in 1939. It includes his pivotal time in Abuja, Africa and at Wentford Bridge in Cornwall from 1972. Features work  from the Bill Ismay collection and the Liz Maloney study on Abuja.

Michael Cardew Stoneware.jpg
MichaelCardew and the Westcountry.jpg

Michael Cardew & the West Country Slipware Tradition - £25.00

Traces Cardew’s early career at Winchcombe, alongside general coverage of the most famous makers of the area. Lavishly illustrated including examples from private collections.

Sid Tustin Winchcombe Potter - £10.00

Study of Cardew’s first apprentice, Sid Tustin who became a fine thrower of jug forms. Later, working under Ray Finch, he moved across to stoneware in the 1960’s & 1970’s

Sid Tustin Winchcombe.jpg
Slipware and St Ives.jpg

Slipware and St Ives - £25.00

The Early slipware of the leach pottery, with in excess of 180 illustrations of pots by Leach, Hamada and Cardew, with examples from regional museums and private collections

The Fishleys of Fremington - £25.00

The Fishley pottery was a core influence on the work of the Studio Pottery pioneer, Michael Cardew. The continuation of the family’s pottery tradition into the twentieth century by William Fishley Holland is covered in the first independent study of the latter’s work at Clevedon in Somerset in the period 1921-1969.

The Fishleys of Fremington
Cardew Craft Circle Front Cover.jpg

Cardew's Craft Circle - £25.00

A collection of essays on a variety of creative mediums and individuals, all associated with the leading studio potter, Michael Cardew. Includes, Barley Roscoe on Barron & Larcher textiles; Mary Greensted on Cotswolds school furniture;  Alan Powers on leading Modern Movement designer Enid Marx, and Helen Brown on potter Charlotte Epton.

For purchase enquiries please fill out our contact form

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